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Frequently Asked Questions about Kimes Tutoring in Watsonville

My students live in the North Monterey County, Santa Cruz and San Benito areas. I tutor students who go to charter schools, public schools, and private schools, from kindergarten through high school. The cost is $50 per hour, but a one half hour session a week is often enough to bring students up to grade level or beyond in reading, writing or math. I also offer a money back guarantee.

There are many reasons to call Kimes Tutoring:

Q: Your child is working below grade level in reading or writing and is at risk of being retained.

A: Is keeping your child from repeating a grade worth $1000? I specialize in bringing elementary students to grade level in reading and writing. If your elementary school child is at risk of being retained because of problems with reading or writing, bring him or her to me for a positive tutoring experience. I am so confident that I can help your child improve their skills, that if after 20 hours of lessons the school still wants to retain your child, I will refund your investment, no questions asked.

Q: Your child is struggling with reading and writing and is possibly exhibiting low self-esteem and confidence. 

A: There is nothing more painful to a child than believing that he or she is dumb or stupid.  Children who refuse to do their homework often do so, not because they are lazy, but because trying and failing is so painful.  If you are struggling to get your child to complete his or her homework, your child probably needs a tutor and will benefit from my help.

Q: Your child has learning challenges such as ADHD, autism, or dyslexia, and you may have tried several tutors without success.

A: I have several years’ experience as a tutor of children with various learning challenges. With me as their tutor, your child may progress slower than other students, but concrete results will be achieved and your child’s self-esteem will start to blossom. If after four sessions you are not 100% satisfied and decide not to continue with tutoring, I will return your investment, no questions asked.

Q: You want to provide your child with an academic edge, but you can't afford private school.

A: Even if your child is doing well in public school, how does he or she compare with students in private schools? A relative of mine is going to a private school and is reading a year above grade level; she got a B+ in reading. Your child will be competing with these students when he or she goes to college. My oldest son was the valedictorian at Watsonville High School in 1996. He said that while he was in public school, he never had to try.

The cost of private elementary schools in Santa Cruz and Monterey Counties ranges from about $500 to $1500 a month. These tuitions are beyond the means of many families – especially if they have more than one child. Receiving tutoring once or twice a week, at $50 a lesson, means that you could give your child the edge he or she needs to do well in college for as little as $200 a month.

Some of my students attend private schools, and they still need extra help. Private schools provide high standards and an environment that is supportive of learning, but they still may not provide the extra attention a struggling student may need to achieve. Some private schools will ask struggling students to leave in order to maintain high-test score averages.

The benefits of the “Read Naturally” program

As a tutor, I use the "Read Naturally" program to teach both reading fluency and comprehension. After sixteen, one-hour lessons, most of my students have progressed one grade level in reading and writing.

Read Naturally uses the same format as the state tests, with multiple-choice questions at the end of each lesson. My students also write a summary of what they have read, and so learn to organize their thoughts into a coherent paragraph. I also teach punctuation and spelling. Students are given immediate feedback on all of their work – something that doesn't happen in most classrooms – but is the single most effective teaching strategy for struggling students. A student can't learn from their mistakes if they don't know what their mistakes are.

Many public school classrooms emphasize content over spelling and punctuation accuracy. My opinion is that students need to learn all aspects of writing. A job application with perfect spelling, grammar and punctuation is going to make a more favorable impression than an equally good application with errors.

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